1. *The process through the various stages of County procedural reviews has continued to be slow...

  1. *We anticipate some positive progress news to report soon!

  1. *The World Trade Tower structural steel artifact is currently stored at the Martin County facility on Runke St., between Willoughby & Indian Streets in Stuart.

Project History

  1. *December 2009 - An application, in conjunction with the Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce, was submitted to the Port Authority of New York in order to receive an artifact from the World Trade Towers. A presentation was made to the Martin County Commissioners Dec. 1 meeting and they subsequently wrote a letter of support for the project.

  1. *June 2010 we received approval notification that a piece has been selected for our community! We are one of only 3,000 recipients world-wide. The artifact is a section of two I-Beams still bolted together, yet exhibiting the stress from that event through its distorted bend. It is approx. 4’x3’x3’ and weighs 1,090 lbs.

  1. *December 7, 2010 - the Martin County Commissioners voted to assume ownership of the artifact from the HS Chamber of Commerce.

  1. *2011 - A short list of potential local sites to permanently host this piece was ascertained with the assistance of the NAC (Neighborhood Advisory Committe), workshops with the CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency), the Martin County Parks Department and the Martin County Board of Commissioners.

  The sites reviewed included:

  Civic Center, Library, Post Office, South County Ball Park and

  FireStation #32

  1. *Sept. 3, 2011 - The World Trade Tower structural steel artifact finally arrived from NYC to Martin County.

  1. *Sept. 9, 2011 - Martin County approved a site selection for this project on the front lawn of the Hobe Sound Fire Station #32, facing west onto Federal Hwy - just south of Bridge Road.

  1. *The piece was escorted down to Hobe Sound for temporary viewing on the 10th anniversary of 9.11. It stood alongside of the annual sunrise-sunset American Flags presentation on Bridge Road organized by Tom Fucigna for the past 9 years.

  1. *2012 - The Design Development process began with Scott Hughes of hughesunbanhowerarchitects, Joe Capra of Captec Engineering, Bert Krebs of Innocenti & Webel Landscape Architects.

  1. *2013 - The enhanced project design was systematically presented to various county departments for review and input.

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“World Fountain & 9.11 Memorial”