Partial List of Community Support

  1. *A dedicated Account has been set up at Seacoast National Bank for this Landmark ARTS project.

  1. *This Project received a 2011 grant award from Women Supporting the Arts.

  1. *Stones are coming in from around the world...

   in order to be included as representation of the 194 sovereign 

   nations around the globe.

  1. *Scott Hughes & Dustin Grady of hughesumbanhowerarchitects are the architects of record.

*Joseph Capra & Harold Tourjee of Capterc Engineering are the

engineers of record.

  1. *Don Atkinson of Archetype Engineering assisting with the initial site plan and construction elements.

  1. *Bert Krebs, landscape architect with Innocenti & Webel will create the landscape design.

  1. *Forest Hills and Young & Prill have offered to provide the funding for a plaque.

  1. *Classic Welding Arts will provide the welding of the artifact to it’s base.

  1. *Jennifer Zurowski has graciously offered to facilitate providing a Peter O’Neil lithograph titled “two Minutes of Silence” to Station # 32

        link to this painting’s site:  

  1. *Rick & Jan Otten’s Dancen Sound have offered to provide the sound system for the dedication Ceremony.

  1. *Hobe Sound’s own: Suzan Binder will share the song she wrote for America in the days following September 11, 2001.

  1. *The 9.11 First Responders of the Treasure Coast have been instrumental in the transport of Hobe Sound’s piece from the NY/NJ Port Authority

  1. * A Hobe Sound Murals donation from FPL will be applied for the map portion of this project.

  1. *Frenchy’s Crane Service provided the professional lifting service of the steel artifact from the NYC/Florida cross country transport to the county vehicle  trailer. Owner, Steve Beausoleil did this free of charge. Link to this business: