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Kathy Forbush

The brilliant colors of nature are found in landscapes and seascapes by Kathy Forbush.

Capturing Florida’s warmth and vitality are essential elements in both the design and flavor of Kathy’s work.

She has a sense of ebb and flow in blending oils to translate the world around her and transfer it to canvas .

The sway of a palm tree, the movement of waves or dancing particles of light are natural parts of her art.


You can sense her enjoyment of even the simplest of subjects.

Some of which she has photographed and painted during  her extensive travels throughout the country and Europe.

She is currently working on several paintings inspired from photographs and drawings from a recent month long visit to southern Italy and Sicily.


Kathy lives in Hobe Sound, Florida and is member of the Barn Artists’ Group and the Hobe Sound Fine Arts League.

Kathy assisted on Mural #1

Painting Style