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Shannon P. Wiley

Shannon P. Wiley

Shannon was born in Hialeah, FL and has spent the majority of his life in the Sunshine State. He enjoys all the best that Florida has to offer. His hobbies include fishing, surfing, boating, art and design, as well as countless other outdoor activities. Shannon attended FSU (Florida State University) from 1991-1994 to major in both Studio Art and Art Education. He spent 5 years teaching before returing to FSU in 2000 to work toward his Master of the Arts degree in Educational Administration. After 3 more years as a teacher and administrator, Shannon later took a break from his role in education to eventually enter into business as a full-time artist and designer. Shannon's work can be seen all over the state and he has shown his work in more than 100 galleries, shops, shows and events. Shannon spent more than 23 years involved in the Scouting program and has earned Scouting's highest rank of Eagle and the Vigil Honor award through the Gulf Stream Council, BSA. He also worked as a counselor and administrator of Tanah Keeta Scout Reservation from 1991-2002. While attending college, Shannon was involved in the Unicef World Peace Mural Project under the direction of Dr. Tom Anderson, his mentor and friend. Shannon authored a grant-funded book in 2001 titled: The History of the Saint Marks Community which is now held in the State Archives in Tallahassee. Shannon later Co-Authored the Conservation Plan for the Long-Term Management of Natural Resources at Tanah Keeta Scout Reservation in Jupiter, FL. Shannon continues to work hard at furthering his artistic accomplishments each year. He is one of four boys and artistic talents have always been present in the family. Robert C. Wiley (Chris) his older brother, is an accomplished artist with experience in eduction and in fine art, sculpture, and blown glass. Chris and Shannon have worked on projects through Ohio-based General Theming Contactors (GTC). Murals done by Shannon can be found all around Florida, in the Bahamas, Connecticut, Albuquerque, North Carolina, Ohio, and many other states to come. Shannon hopes to eventually create his large-scale murals in other countries. He also looks forward to some day returning to teaching in an adjunct position to share with others what he has learned in the field of graphic design and small business. Shannon married his wife Bridgett in October of 2007. The family lives in Stuart, Florida. This year, Shannon plans on participating in shows throughout the Treasure Coast, and has numerous large-scale murals planned at both commercial and residential sites. A Shannon P. Wiley painting was featured on the cover of the Treasure Coast Directory in 2009, a mass produced phone directory throughout Central and South Florida.

Shannon was the “guest artist” on Murals #9 &  #11.

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