Jen  Dacota


Always a keen observer of her surroundings and the world around her, Jen has been recording these images in her mind and on paper since childhood.

She received a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education from St. Aquinas College, Sparkill, New York.


Throughout adulthood, Jen often worked in various mediums, including photography and ceramics, as well as painting. At this time, her art remained a hobby as she was busy raising three daughters.


Following a traumatic closed head injury, Jen began to paint as a therapeutic means to stimulate brain activity. She loved the feel of the paints and canvas beneath her fingers as she “connects” with her work in a very real sense. Many of her works are created using her fingers and hands rather than brushes. She prefers this method when the subject matter allows;  it is very instinctual and “free”.  Her paintings contain brilliant vivid color, and expressive form and movement.


Jen now paints full time from her studio in her home in Hobe Sound Florida. Her work has been chosen for many juried art shows throughout South Florida, and she is privately collected. She is a member of The Barn Artists’ Group and The Seabranch Art League, both of Hobe Sound, Florida.

Jen assisted on Mural #1, #6, #8



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