Suzanne Briley

Originally from From Atlanta, Ga.

Studios in Hobe Sound and Sherborne, England

Studied in Utrecht, Holland. 

Founder, Haphazard Designs, inc.

Local artist, painting historic Hobe Sound, watercolor portraits of homes and gardens and folk art.



                          The Mall Gallery, London

                          Anderson Gallery, Burford, Warwick Hall

             United States:

                         Bank of America

                         Martin County Parks

                        Lighthouse Center for the arts

                        Palm Beach Community College

Local works can be seen at

- Profile Gallery, Jupiter

- The Framery, Cottage Cache, Hobe Sound

- Chef's Cupboard, Jupiter island

Originator of the local “Barn Artists” group...

Suzanne assisted on Mural #1 and is a wonderful mentor on each and every mural since!

She painted masterful seagrapes for us on Mural #10 as well.

Also, she graciously has offered her original drawings as gifts for those who make donations to the Murals projects during the annual Festival of Arts...

AND - She is a great marcher in the annual parade!

Painting Style


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