Artist’s Application

Jane BlattHSM_B_Blatt_Jane.html
Carol BoyeHSM_B_Boye_Carol.html
Cindy CooperHSM_C_Cooper_Cindy.html
Jen DacotaHSM_D_Dacota_Jen.html
Kathy ForbushHSM_f_Forbush_Kathy.html
James HookHSM_H_Hook_James.html
Tony HaighHSM_H_Haigh_Tony.html
Carol KeppHSM_K_Kepp_Carol.html
Karen KerwinHSM_K_Kerwin_Karen.html
Natalie L.HSM_L_LaBord_N.html
Michael PlunkettHSM_P_Plunkett_Michael.html
Celine NewellHSM_N_Newell_Celine.html
Suzanne BrileyHSM_B_Briley_Suzanne.html

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Haydee UllfigHSM_U_Ullfig_Haydee.html
Katarina FiumaraHSM_f_Fiumara_Katarina.html
Nadia UttoHSM_A_Utto_N.html
Ann CofoneHSM_C_Ann_Cofone.html
Vera Parks UnderwoodHSM_U_Vera_Parkes_Underwood.html
Duane HatfieldHSM_H_Duane_Hatfield.html
Stephen CampbellHSM_C_Stephen_Campbell.html
Bosha StoneHSM_S_Bosha_Stone.html
Stephen StoneHSM_S_Stephen_Stone.html
Bettyann DixonHSM_D_Bettyann_Dixon.html

Thank you very much for your interest

in the Hobe Sound Murals Project.

We truly welcome your participation and appreciate the support!

So far, this has been mostly a labor of love....

with the attendant ‘feel good’ reward...

However, each artist has indeed received also these distinct advantages:

a negotiated & fully prepared site,

proposal process & parameters concluded,

all supplied materials

substantive press coverage,

on-site ability to self-promote,

this website presence & links,

the meaningful professional experience to add to their portfolio,

free food & drink,

a HS Murals T-shirt

and enjoyable camaraderie

as payment...

Although the initial funding in these first years of effort has

only been sufficient to cover minimal and basic costs,

we do anticipate that the rewards for all individual artists involved,

evolve to the point where it will also financially reflect

the true value of your work and time!

Also, each of the upcoming mural sites,

has the potential to be more fiscally fruitful as well,

not only by the virtue of all being different buildings owners & business residents, but also through the general economy improving

as well as the project leadership tapping further into community resources,

grants and support.

Please be patient and willing to contribute

as we collectively move this well-received project to

more well-paying and sustainable levels...

Shannon P. WileyHSM_W_Wiley_Shannon.html

In addition to the 27 artists listed above, 25 other individuals have added something of their own touch to these 10 walls:

Dylan Barber

Andrea Brown

Betty Brown

Brittany Brown

Jessica Brown

Megan Brown

Rod Brown

Zach Brown

Austin Buntz

Howard = Chuck-D

Celin Fiumara

Isabella Fucigna

Elora Fucigna

Kathleen Gemme

Mark Harrigan

Michelle Hook

Arthur LaWall

A.J. Lettengarver

Frank Marrero

Becky Mosenthin

Kaelyn Mosenthin

Kevin Mosenthin

Robyn O’Heron

Josef Utto

Beth Vanderboom

Curt WilsonHSM_W_Wilson_Curt.html
Brenda LeighHSM_L_Brenda_Leigh.html
Victoria MerritHSM_M_Victoria_Merritt.html
Susie FowlerHSM_F_Susie_Fowler.html

If you would like to participate in an upcoming project, please contact Nadia Utto with the following information

feel free to email any questions, suggestions
. . .