#9     R.L. Weigt Environmental Consultants

8985 Bridge Road              


February 2011

Building Owner:     Robert Weigt

Business Residents:  R.L. Weigt Environmental Consultants

                           Refuge Surf Shop

Lead Artist:             Nadia Utto

Artist Team:            James Hook

                            Natalie L.

                            Shannon Wiley


Assistance:             Carol Boye

                            Anne Cofone

                            Arthur LeWall

                            Frank Marrero

                            Josef Utto

                            Curt Wilson

Youth:                    Dylan Barber

                            Austin Buntz

Sponsored by:

Project Coordinator    Nadia & Josef Utto - Urban Camouflage

Paint:                      Sherwin Williams

                              Bingman’s Painting Service

                              Shannon P. Wiley - Artistic Signs & Graphics

Pressure Wash:         Equipment: Bob Stamper of StamperFurniture

Music;                    Boom Box donated by: Bob Stamper of StamperFurniture

Plaque:                   Women Supporting the Arts - Arts Foundation of Martin County

                              Leo Arbeznick of Images in Paradise

Support:                   Hobe Sound Chamber of Comerce /Beautification Coalition


Approval & Site

Preparation:             Robert Weigt - R. L. Weigt Environmental Consultants

Food:                      Robert Weigt - R. L. Weigt Environmental Consultants

                             Cindy Cooper - The Framery, Suzanne Briley

                              Karen Kerwin

Weigt Environmental Consulting Mural

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Hobe Sound Beautification Coalition
Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce
1954 SE Dixie Highway
Nadia & Josef Utto
Murals / Sculpture / Furniture / Fashion
Urban Camouflage Arts Company

Our 3rd annual mural participation concurrent with the Hobe Sound Festival of the Arts on the week-end of February 5th and 6th, 2011.

This mural depicts an underwater close-up of selected local intracoastal species swimming among the mangrove roots!

The setting and creatures are depicted in an over life-size scale - but otherwise done with an eye toward realistic qualities.

It is a topic near and dear to avid fisherman and building owner - Rob Weigt.

His business logo is centered around a personal favorite - the snook.

The interior offices of R.L. Weigt Environmental Consultants are well appointed with many artistic versions of environmental themes, done by various artists.

His two young grandsons - Dylan Barber and Austin Buntz, contributed a sponge, crab & snail image on the wall....

Otherwise the painterly credits go to:

Shannon P. Wiley of Stuart, who is a professional artist and whose original small scale work is already hanging inside the office. 

As a ‘guest artist’, he brought great humor, fish expertise, friends and paint to the project outside!

Shannon did a pair of snook, mangrove snapper, puffer, and school of bait fish.

Please read more about him in the ARTISTS profile section and through the links to his own website.

James Hook, who has helped on each and every mural so far -

once again lent both his morning and evening hours, between the daily artistic work he was already providing for a private client...

His thoughtful dedication to a snook, pair of redfish and escaping mullet was very much appreciated.

Natalie L. helped paint for the 2nd time on a H.S. Mural.

She tackled the spanish mackerel & jack crevalle with her typical zest and added great coloration on many mangrove roots.

Carol Boye on her 3rd mural so far, did a permit fish and shared her general painterly & colorist touch throughout.

She and Arthur LeWall also rendered most of the fore & background grasses.

Frank Marrero who has helped on most of the murals so far, laid out the careful placement for all the fish silhouettes in chalk and began the school of sergeant majors.

Josef Utto took care of prepping, priming and painting the beautiful backdrop of water & sand color on the entire wall.

He is always “the wall’s” most helpful person!

Curt Wilson, a drive-through visitor to Hobe Sound,  happened to pass by the wall in process, stopped to talk about it and ended up helping for 3 days!

Among other skills, he is a movie-set painter who works in Atlanta, Georgia.

Since he was an out-of-state person, we gave him the “invasive species” to contribute. . . He was good-natured about accepting this task and painted in the snakehead, peacock bass and tilapia fish on the northern edge of the wall!

The mural took 9 full  days to complete.

Several additional individuals took a brush in their hands and even if it was only momentary - contributed some color - somewhere.

This brings the number of painters in the Hobe Sound Murals project to.... 70!

Sponsor Contact


Women Supporting the Arts
Arts Foundation of Martin County
80 East Ocdean Blvd.
Stuart, FL 34994
Shannon P. Wiley
Artistic Signs & Graphics
4531 SE Dixie Hwy
Stuart, FL 34997

tel  -  772-286-1967
fax -  772-286-4124

James A. Hook

Murals, Trompe L’oeil, Decorative &

Faux Finishes, Venetian Plaster & Gold Leaf


8872 Robwyn Way

James A. Hook

Professional Artist LLC

Island Crossing Shopping Center
11682 S.E. Federal Highway
Hobe Sound, Florida

Cindy Cooper

Professional Artist & Framer

The Framery, Inc.


8835 SE Bridge Road

Hobe Sound

Mike Bingman

Bingman’s Painting Service, Inc


Corner of US 1  &8408 SE Sunset Street