#8      Hobe Sound Women’s Club Mural

General Federation of Women’s Clubs

Marketplace Plaza - 8771 Bridge Road




March 2010

Building Owner:      Southern Property Management

Lead Artist:             Nadia Utto

Artist Team:             Seabranch Art League members:                            

                            Stephen Campbell

                            Ann Cofone

                            Cindy Cooper

                            Jen Dacota

                            Duane Hatfield

                            James Hook

                            Bosha Stone

                            Stephen Stone


                            General Federation of Woman’s Club members:

                            Carol Davis

                            Peggy Kane

                            Ellie Kane

Assistance:             Adam Kane - of Kanebrothers Tattoo -

                            to remove a palm tree blocking the mural view!

Sponsored by:

Hobe Sound Women’s Club                - General Federation of Women’s Clubs

Seabranch Art League

Women Supporting the Arts                 - Arts Foundation of Martin County

Nadia & Josef Utto                             - Urban Camouflage

Hobe Sound Beautification Coalition     - Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce

Paint supplied by:                               - Sherwin Williams

Hobe Sound Women’s Club Mural

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The theme of this image is in honor of the local chapter of the GFWC,

who has provided volunteer services in Hobe Sound for over 20 years.

This mural depicts a fake cut-away into an ‘art gallery’ which features six architectural columns that list the accomplishments of the local, state and federal groups.

The six original paintings ‘hanging’ reflect an aspect of the six distinct areas of local community service that all the clubs provide:




Home Life

Public Affairs

International Affairs

The Seabranch Art League is a local group with approx. 40 members currently.

Their mission is to ‘open the doors of art to the community’...

They accomplish their goals by creating themed & curated professional shows which culminate in a fundraising event for a different regional organization.

On this mural, their members provided the interpretation and design for each of the ‘paintings’ as well as executing different trompe l’oeil elements of the wall.


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