#5 Keeler Building - 9045 Bridge Road


September 2009

Building Owner:      Michael & Pat Keeler

Rented Residence  

Lead Artist:             Nadia Utto

Artist Team:             Jane Blatt

                            Katarina Fiumara

                            James Hook

                            Carol Kepp

                            Frank Marrero

                            Celine Newell

                            Josef Utto



Financial Sponsorship:

Hobe Sound Beautification Coalition - Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce

Michael & Pat Keeler                

Nadia & Josef Utto                         - Urban Camouflage

One half of the funds raised for the Hobe Sound Murals project from the Chamber of Commerce August Breakfast were dedicated to this mural:


Phil Algozinni                                - Algozinni Fashion & Gifts

Blake Capps                                 - Capps & Huff Roofing

Cindy Cooper                               - The Framery

Penny & Jerry Cummings                  - Beauticontrol

Lura Brown

Anne & Banks Clark                        - Environmental Safety & Health

Peggy Batch Gattone                       - Century 21 Horizon

Kathleen Gemme                            - Hobe Sound Aluminum

Dr. Leon Gonyo                              - Stuart Family Care

William & Barbara Harrington

Delores & William Laderer

Patricia Louko                                - Business Practice, Inc.

Jane McAllister                               - McAllister Team - Keller Williams

Barbara Raffel                                - Signature Hair Designs

Douglas Smith                                - Martin County Commissioner

Greg Strahm                                  - The Appraisal Guys / Cash in the Attic

Pastor Mary Williams                      - In His Love Ministries

In Kind Donations:

Paint                                            - Sherwin-Williams

Pressure Wash & Primer Paint            - The Keelers

Scaffold Equipment on loan              - James A. Hook Professional Artist LLC

Lunch & Afternoon Desserts               - Bill Chalk

Ice!                                              - Circle K

Refreshments                                  - The Fiumaras

Refreshments                                  - Lorraine - an anonymous passerby

Refreshments                                  - Marcia - building resident

Special Lunch Beverages                  - Flash Beach Grille

          A special THANK YOU to all of the individuals listed above!

Keeler Building

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Hobe Sound Beautification Coalition
Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce
1954 SE Dixie Highway
Hobe Sound
Nadia & Josef Utto
Murals / Sculpture / Furniture / Fashion
Urban Camouflage Arts company
Hobe Sound

James A. Hook

Professional Artist LLC

Murals, Trompe L’oeil, Decorative &

Faux Finishes, Venetian Plaster & Gold Leaf


8872 Robwyn Way

Hobe Sound

James A. Hook

Professional Artist LLC

This is the first “Trompe L’oeil” painting in the mural project (French for ‘trick-of-the-eye’).

The fake additions to the facade include a brand new ‘window’ on the first floor, ‘shutters’ for all four windows, wrought iron decoration around the front door entrance, window grille, flower boxes & address numbers, and lots of flowers.

This is the second 2-story mural in the project, which also goes around the corner of the building - with ornamentation for a side window.

A lot of research went into reviewing the different possible architectural styles and selecting these particular features and flowers.

Find the “hidden” elements:

- a pair of hovering bees

- something left on the window sill

- the flower that doesn’t belong...

This building has really transformed into a handsome facade thats worthy of it’s solid presence on the street. Collectively, this building and its twin ‘the hurricane’ next door have truly stepped up to the forefront.

Bridge Road is a very busy thoroughfare and there continues to be a steady stream of pedestrians and motorists who stop to express their support for this particular mural, the project in general and the curiosity about what’s next?!

It was very special to have three artists from the Hobe Sound Art League come for a day of volunteer painting. Jane Blatt, Carol Kepp and Celine Newell brought their expertise from canvas & porcelain as well their eye for flower form & color straight on to the wall with great success. Above and beyond the dedicated talent these women lent, they also infused the site with a lot of humor and good nature. This is especially appreciated because even though this project can often be a fun and socially rewarding experience, it is also extremely hot work out there under the sun. In addition the heat radiates off the wall with such intensity, while there you are with your face inches from it and having to concentrate for long stretches of time!

Joining the conversation topic as well as the actual task of simulating effective highlights and implied shadows was Katarina Fiumara, who diligently undertook a variety of enhancement elements. She is a natural talent with a strong aesthetic sensibility and has offered to bring her diverse painting abilities to future walls as well.

The front door wrought iron work was beautifully designed and skillfully laid out by James Hook. He has participated on each and every wall so far, and continues to share tools, equipment, knowledge and enthusiasm. He gifts his precious time before and after his long days on other demanding professional art projects with an ongoing stamina that is really impressive.


The hard labor of measuring & ‘installing’ all the shutters was done by Josef Utto and outlined by Frank Marrero. They have also performed the daily set-up of tents, tables, scaffolding, supplies and then again everything in reverse order at the end of the day breakdown, over and over and over again! This wall couldn’t have happened without their willingness, contributions & patience.

Thank you to all!

Sponsor Contacts with Links


Cindy Cooper
Professional Artist & Framer
Business Owner
The Framery, Inc.
8835 SE Bridge Road
Hobe Sound
Phil Algozzini
Algozinni Fashion & Gifts
11335 S.E. Federal Highway
Hobe Sound
Penny & Jerry Cummings

Anne & Banks Clark
9256 SE Venus St
Hobe Sound, FL

Patricia Louka

Operations Manager

Business Practice, Inc


email patlouko@gmail.com

Blake Capps
Capps & Huff Roofing, Inc.
10810 SE Dixie Hwy 
Hobe Sound, FL 

Kathleen Gemme

10810 SE Dixie Hwy

Hobe Sound, FL

(772) 546-5483

Pastor Jeff & Mary Williams
Church Street & US 1http://www.InHisLoveChurch.org
Michael Normandalehttp://www.sherwin-williams.com/store_locator/interResults.jsp?storeType=RETAIL_STORE
Guia Brown 
& Chung Wong
11952 SE Dixie Hwy
Hobe Sound, FL 33455
Raymond James
Financial Serviceshttp://www.raymondjames.com/
Barbara Raffel
Signature Hair Designs
175 Tequesta Drive E.
Tequesta, FL 33469


Tony Sementelli

8949 SE Bridge Road

Hobe Sound, FL 33455


Dee Laderer
1455 Kentallon Lane
Port St. Lucie, FL 34952


District 1 - Doug Smith, Vice Chair

Northeast Martin County:

Hutchinson Island, Jensen Beach,

North River Shores, Ocean Breeze Park,

Rio, Sewall's Point

Term of Office: 2008-2012

Phone: (772) 221-2359

Email: Doug Smith

Lou & Pat Bartattieri

Stuart Family Chiropractic Center - Dr. Leon Gonyo

6096 SE Federal Highway - Stuart, Florida 34997
Tel: (772) 781-0193 http://www.stuartfamilychiro.com/index.php?p=2983
         Jane McAllister
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819 Federal Highway  Ste 300 
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   Greg Strahm & Tim Luke

TreasureQuest Appraisal Group, Inc.

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"The Appraisal Guys"

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