#3   Flash Beach Grille - 9128A Bridge Road




June 2009

Building Owner:      Mahendra & Urmila Patel

Business Resident:    Flash Beach Grille - Robert & Anita Breinig

Lead Artist:             Nadia Utto

Artist Team:           Cindy Cooper

                            James Hook

Assistants:               Josef Utto

                            Frank Marrero

Students:                AJ Lettengarver

                            Michelle Hook


Financial Sponsorship:

Hobe Sound Beautification Coalition - Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce

Robert & Anita Breinig                     - Flash Beach Grille

Nadia & Josef Utto                         - Urban Camouflage

Cindy Cooper                               - The Framery

Paint Donations:

Mike Normandale                          - Sherwin-Williams

Mike Bingman                               - Bingman’s Painting Service, Inc.

Cindy Cooper                               - The Framery

James Hook                                  - James A. Hook Professional Artist LLC

Scaffold Donation:

Mike Lookebill                               - Hobie’s Restaurant

Scaffold Equipment on loan:

James Hook                                  - James A. Hook Professional Artist LLC

Pressure Wash Equipment on loan:    - Bob  Stamper

Clean Up Supply Donations:            - Keep Martin Beautiful

Clean-up & Very Helpful Support!:     - William Chalk

Flash  Beach Grille

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Hobe Sound Beautification Coalition
Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce
1954 SE Dixie Highway
Hobe Sound
Nadia & Josef Utto
Murals / Sculpture / Furniture / Fashion
Urban Camouflage Arts Company
Hobe Sound

James A. Hook

Professional Artist LLC

Murals, Trompe L’oeil, Decorative &

Faux Finishes, Venetian Plaster & Gold Leaf


8872 Robwyn Way

Hobe Sound

James A. Hook

Professional Artist LLC

Mike Bingman

Bingman’s Painting Service, Inc


Corner of US 1  &

8408 SE Sunset Street

Hobe Sound

The theme of this image is an underwater seascape.

We specifically chose an “over the top”  pop-art graphic rendition of the elements to be depicted in order to continue establishing that each and every mural will be done in a different style.

The colors and theme compliment the above water ocean vista of Hobe Sound Mural #1 on the other side of the building.

This wall faces the empty lots used for parking between the two restaurants: Flash Beach Grille and Hobies.

The wall is 97 feet long x 13 feet high  or 1,261 square feet

The location has a rather abandoned look considering it is on the main strip...

This is further exacerbated by the existence of two very large electrical stations -

one formidable box at curb side generating power for Jupiter Island and the other configuration toward the back of the lot on multiple tall telephone poles.

We are planning to incorporate these structures into the general theme of the mural in the near future.

The first important step was a general clean-up of the overall lot in conjunction with another ongoing community- wide event “Keep Martin Beautiful”.

The 12 days straight “on the wall”  - from sun up to sun down - were intense with record high heat / a couple brief moments of cloud coverage and only a few drops of rain.

Like the preceding murals, there was a continuous and encouraging stream of onlooker and passerby support. Visitors stopped by like clockwork - often joking with us ...

“we missed a spot!” or “wheres the mermaid?”!

Flash Beach Grille owners - Anita & Robert Breinig were exceptionally hospitable with refreshing drinks and tasty cuisine from their remarkable floribean asian fusion menu.

On the last day of the mural, we limped in from the 100 degree weather to a round of applause and champagne with fruit ice and shrimp cocktail on the house! THANK YOU!

Mike Lookebill - owner of Hobies Restuarant, consistently supplied end of the day libations with personal delivery service across the lot! Also a  very special Thank You to him for the amazing donation of 5 scaffolding elements, a gift which will continue to give and assist in every future mural.

Additional thanks to Cindy for sharing her great mat-knife skills for fish stencil templates & some extra paints and to James Hook for coming most evenings after he had already painted all day  & actually applying 23 karat gold leaf on our very special treasure chest!

A hearty thank you to Josef Utto and Frank Marrero who from beginning to end, logged in the most hours “on the wall”.

It was a treat to have two youthful energies help us out as well.

So thank you to AJ Lettengarver for his seagrass work and Michelle James for assisting her dad with the treasure chest and to both for taking time out of their summer days.

It was a great experience for the entire team of participants despite the heat and we and the entire community have yet another beautiful wall to enjoy on Bridge Road!

Sponsor Contact


Cindy Cooper

Professional Artist & Framer

Business Owner

The Framery, Inc.


8835 SE Bridge Road

Hobe Sound

Keep Martin Beautiful
Corner of Monterey & Mapp Road
Stuart, FL

Mike Lookebill

Hobies Restaurant


9126 SE Bridge Road

Hobe Sound


Anita & Robert Breinig
Flash Beach Grille
Business Owners
Floribean Asian Fusian
9128 A SE Bridge Road
Hobe Sound
William Chalk
The Dominant Hum
Hobe Sound

Bob Stamper

Business Owner

Stamper Furniture

Hobe Sound


Island Crossing Shopping Center
11682 S.E. Federal Highway
Hobe Sound, Florida