#14     Hobe Sound Deli

          11372 Federal Hwy


March 2014

Building Owner       Suzi Realty - Managed by Nick Cioffi

Business Residents    Hobe Sound Deli / Sweet Tiers / Quick Lube

Lead Artist               Nadia Utto

Guest Artist              Cindy Cooper

                             Eddie Drake

                             Katrina Gracon


Assistance                Josef Utto

Sponsored by           Nick Cioffi

Project Coordinator    Nadia Utto - Urban Camouflage


Paint  Supplies          Urban Camouflage  & Katrina’s Kreations Inc.

Wall Preparation       Eddie Drake Painting, Inc.

“Sea To Shining Sea” Mural

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Nadia & Josef Utto
Murals / Sculpture / Furniture / Fashion
Urban Camouflage Arts Company

“From Sea To Shining Sea”

After a bright new paint job on walls and roof, this south facing wall was ready for its close-up!

Sponsor Contact


Eddie Drake

Eddie Drake Painting, Inc.

PO BOx 642

Hobe Sound 33475


Katrina Gracen

Katrina’s Kreations, Inc.

PO BOx 642

Hobe Sound 33475