#11     Hobe Sound Office Building

           8965 Bridge Road            


February 2013

Building Owners: Rob & Brenda Engle

Lead Artist:             Nadia Utto

Artist Team:            Carol Boye

                            James Hook


Assistance:             Frank Marrero

                            Josef Utto

Sponsored by:          Landmark Arts

                              Treva Chapin - Scooters

                              Cindy Cooper - The Framery

Project Coordinator    Nadia & Josef Utto - Urban Camouflage


Paint:                      Urban Camouflage Supplies

Pressure Wash:         Urban Camouflage

Food:                     Treva Chapin - Scooters

Hobe Sound Office Building Mural

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Nadia & Josef Utto
Murals / Sculpture / Furniture / Fashion
Urban Camouflage Arts Company

Our 5th annual mural participation concurrent with the Hobe Sound Festival of the Arts on the week-end of February 3rd and 4th, 2013.

It is our first subdued, subtle and painterly mural.

It depicts an ‘Old Florida’ landscape with a moody sky to match the building’s existing color and includes 11 native bird species!

Since it is on the west-facing wall of the ‘Hobe Sound Office Building’, with 3 mature trees right next to it ... the mural image transforms as the day proceeds - and as the moving sun casts increasingly strong shadows of real trees against our painted landscape.

The painterly credits go to:

Nadia Utto, for design proposal, the daily process and the birds...

Shannon Wiley of Stuart, is a professional artist and was our ‘guest artist’ for the second time!

He brings a quick and very skilled eye to the projects horizon line with intermittent palm trees rising above background. What he can do in a few hours!!!!

Carol Boye helped paint the important lily pads dotted throughout the water feature.

She is a master colorist and took time out from her own large painting commission to be “on the wall” with us. Thanks!!

Please read more about them in the ARTISTS profile section.

Frank Marrero who has helped on most of the murals so far, also helped here again on the depiction of grasses on the far slough shores.

Josef Utto took care of prepping, priming and painting the millions of grass blades in the foreground of the entire wall.

He is once again “the wall’s” most helpful person!

The mural took 9 full  days to complete.

Sponsor Contact



Cindy Cooper

Professional Artist & Framer

The Framery, Inc.


8835 SE Bridge Road

Hobe Sound

Scooters Restaurant

Treva Chapin

Bridge Road

Hobe Sound, Florida