#10     Taste Restaurant   11750 Dixie Highway             


February 2012

Business Residents: Taste Restaurant = Karen & Craig Kingston

Lead Artist:             Nadia Utto

Artist Team:            Brenda Leigh

                            James Hook


Assistance:             Suzanne Briley

                            Katerina Fiumara

                            Suzie Fowler

                            Tony Haigh

                            Natalie L.

                            Frank Marrero

                            Victoria Merritt

                            Bosha Johnson Stone

                            Haydee Ullfig

                            Josef Utto

                            Beth Vanderboom


Sponsored by:          Landmark Arts

Project Coordinator    Nadia & Josef Utto - Urban Camouflage


Paint:                      Urban Camouflage Supplies

Pressure Wash:         Urban Camouflage


Food:                      Karen & Craig Kingston - Taste Restaurant

Taste Restaurant Mural

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Nadia & Josef Utto
Murals / Sculpture / Furniture / Fashion
Urban Camouflage Arts Company

Our 4th annual mural participation concurrent with the Hobe Sound Festival of the Arts on the week-end of February 4th and 5th, 2013.

This mural depicts a lush Florida landscape with a requested “taste” of tropical fruit trees.

Wonderful to have music, food and drink, and restrooms so close at hand!

It is on the open-air back patio and accessible to the public.

The painterly credits go to:

Brenda Leigh of Stuart, who is a professional artist was our ‘guest artist’!

She brought wit, color expertise, friends and paint to the project.

Please read more about her in the ARTISTS profile section and through the links to herown website.

Suzanne Briley helped paint some of our foliage and was so kind as to offer her some of her original work for selection when individuals made a donation to the Landmark Arts / Hobe Sound Mural Project. What a great idea!

Cindy Cooper got us started with the beginnings of a great bamboo grove.

Not easy to do around the flaws in the wall surface!

James Hook, who has helped on each and every mural so far -

once again lent both his morning and evening hours, between the daily artistic work he was already providing for a private client...

He had a creative solution for highlighting the access to the bathroom door with a floating raft which incorporated the existing signage.

Natalie L. helped paint for the 3rd time on a H.S. Mural.

She provided the depiction of the feared to be extinct - red-headed pileated woodpecker. Also a beautiful bowl of citrus.

Victoria Merritt brought incredible enthusiasm to and around the wall!

She is a great conversationalist who kept us all going!

Bosha Johnson Stone made our fake/real stone wall along the entire bottom length of the mural, come to life.

Frank Marrero who has helped on most of the murals so far, also helped on the stone work.

Haydee Ullfig helped paint for the 2nd time on a H.S. Mural.

She did some wonderful mangoes to anchor the color and fruit on the west side of the mural.

Josef Utto took care of prepping, priming and painting the gradating backdrop of color on the entire wall.

He is always “the wall’s” most helpful person!

The mural took 7 full  days to complete.

Sponsor Contact



James A. Hook

Murals, Trompe L’oeil, Decorative &

Faux Finishes, Venetian Plaster & Gold Leaf


8872 Robwyn Way

James A. Hook

Professional Artist LLC

Cindy Cooper

Professional Artist & Framer

The Framery, Inc.


8835 SE Bridge Road

Hobe Sound

Brenda Leigh

Taste Restaurant

Craig & Karen Kingston

11750 Dixie Highway

Hobe Sound, Florida